Coils with Custom Shapes

Many applications for electric coils require a custom shape either for electrical or for space-fitting reasons. Antennas, actuators, voice coil type motors, electrical components—there are thousands of applications that require other-than-round shapes.

In response to customer requests Precision Econowind have wound many coils with shapes other than a more typical round inside diameter coil. Many times the space available for the coil not only requires precision winding with bondable wire, freestanding, with no bobbin or form, but also requires a shape customized to fit.

Sometimes the odd shape is required to fit on a circuit board that is “packed” in a way that the straight sides of a rectangular coil will fit between components where the curve of a round coil will not.

In other cases the odd shape may be to allow a coil that, in round form, would have a circumference too large to fit in the necessary area but a shaped coil, with a perimeter equal to the round circumference, will allow the turns and wire size to stay the same and still equal the round coil.

Since the shape of a coil can affect the magnetic field the custom shape may be necessary to meet special electrical requirements of a device.

We have a machine shop in which we can make tooling to fit custom designs. We can make tooling in response to a customer’s coil print or, in many cases today, we can make tooling to mount a customer’s 3D printed part that they send to us as a winding core. Contact us directly to learn more.