About Precision Econowind, LLC.

Precision Econowind LLC is a privately owned American company that manufactures custom coils for the loudspeaker, medical, aerospace, and many other industries. Loyal Tingley, Jr. and his son Terry started the business from a one-car garage in Bokeelia, Florida in 1972. Since then times have changed as we have branched out in to other industries from our core business of voice coils for loudspeakers to high quality custom voice coils for medical, OEM, Aerospace and just about any other industry that uses custom voice coils in their products. Today Precision Econowind Inc. is owned and operated by Terry Tingley and Dean Wiant. Precision has become one of the world’s premier custom coil manufacturers that supply many of the largest companies around the world in many different industries.

At Precision our goal is to consistently provide the highest possible quality, at a competitive price, with on-time delivery. Our quality policy is “to exceed our customer’s expectations”, and we have built a solid customer base by putting quality first. Our many long-time customers around the world appreciate that we put their needs ahead of our desire to make an extra buck.

Our specialty has been voice coils for the loudspeaker industry, and we are very proud that our coils are used in speakers made by companies worldwide. Specializing in voice coils has given us experience in winding precision layered coils using bondable wire. This skill is the foundation for many of our other custom coils, especially freestanding coils that require the most efficient possible use of space, which can best be accomplished using precision layered winding with no bobbin or core.

We occupy 32,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Southwest Florida. Our winding machines and tooling are custom designed by us and built by our own machine shop specialists. For coils requiring high temperature resistance we coat our own wire and form material with high temperature adhesives. We employ approximately 50 full time employees here in Florida, and can accommodate orders from 50 pieces to 50,000 pieces or more.

For smaller quantities, please contact one of the following:
www.mwaspeakerparts.com (for pro audio coils)
www.fixmyspeaker.com (for subwoofer coils)
www.thelordofbass.com (for subwoofer coils)

We do ship internationally to customers worldwide using Freight Fowrwarders, UPS, FedEx, DHL.  We will not ship by Postal.


Precision Econowind LLC has established and applies a quality system for the Manufacturing and Assembly of Custom Voice and Medical Coil Products to the Automotive, Medical and Consumer Industry. We are certified compliant in the following categories:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001 Environmental
  • ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device