Thin Film Material

At Precision Econowind LLC, we supply thin film material, for both coil forms and reinforcing collars, for customers who wish to manufacture voice coils or other electrical coils on-site at their facility. Thin film material is coated on one side with our proprietary high temperature adhesive capable of withstanding temperatures over 500°F. Many customers have found that in direct comparison with other electrical coils, this adhesive has been the difference in preventing coil failure especially in voice coil applications. The high temperature adhesive not only extends the life of the coil, it allows product designers more freedom in coil placement in space constrained situations.

Film materials include aluminum, nomex, stainless steel, polyimide, and fiberglass in widths up to 7 ½”. Polyimide is available in .002”, .003”, and .005” thicknesses. Aluminum is available in thickness between 0.002” and 0.010”. Fiberglass between 0.003” and 0.009” thick can also be coated. Stainless steel is available in .003” thickness. The most popular configurations are kept in stock for immediate availability. In addition to providing custom coil materials, we have extensive manufacturing capabilities for customers desiring turnkey custom coil winding services. We pride ourselves in our reputation for customer service and can provide assistance in determining the appropriate film type and thickness for their application. For more information about our thin film coil collar material, see the table below, or contact us directly.


Film Material
Stainless Steel
Proprietary High Temperature Adhesive
Film Application
Voice Coil Bobbin Material
Material Form
Cut to customer specifications (rectangular)
Temperature Rating
Film Width
Up to 7 ½” (Roll width—length can be much longer)
Substrate Thickness
Aluminum 0.002” – 0.008”
Stainless 0.003”
Fiberglass 0.003” – 0.009”
Polyimide – .002”, .003”, .005”
Nomex, 410, 411, and spunlaced in various thicknesses
(Nomex is a registered trademark of DuPont)
Additional Services
Voice Coils
Custom Coils
Freestanding Coils
Flat Wire Coils
Typical Lead Time
Less than 3 weeks
Standard Films are Carried In Stock
Production Volume
Small Run
Large Run


Industry Focus
Consumer Products
Industrial Components
Intended Applications
Voice Coil Motors
Space Constraint Applications
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001
ISO 13485:2003
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Custom Sketches
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