Coils Wound with Flat Wire


When round wire is wound in layers, the processes inherently leaves “air” or spaces between the nesting turns, even a precision layered coil will not fully utilize the available coil space. However, when flat wire is wound in multiple layers, the wire shape is much more efficient at utilizing the given area, thus decreasing the amount of air, creating a much more efficient coil.

At Precision Econowind we specialize in flat wire coils and can wind coils with custom flattened wire that precisely fits a customer’s design criteria. Our wire flattening process has been refined over many years and utilizes precision rolling mills to flatten round wire to virtually any custom dimension.

These results are achieved through experience and precision equipment. As the wire is flattened in the rolling mill a laser micrometer monitors the wire as it exits the mill. This provides exact readings, of both width and thickness, as the wire runs. This is a highly controlled process that allows us to vary the dimensions, controlling them to fractions of a thousandth of an inch, in some cases. The combination of dimensional precision and process consistency gives us the ability to dial in the ohms per foot, very precisely targeting the customers requested specifications.

We use this precision flat wire for both “edge wound” coils, a single layer of wire wound on the narrow edge of the flat wire, and multiple layers of wire wound on the wide flat side.

Since we do our own flattening, we can achieve short lead times and meet and hold custom specifications that cannot be matched when buying wire flattened by a third party. We also have precision wire payouts on the digitally controlled winding machines that feed wire at controlled tension by turning the horizontal spool of flat wire at the correct speed to match the speed of the winding machine. This combination of custom fit flat wire and precision layering has let us wind coils for customers that satisfy applications in a way that could not be matched by round wire.

To learn more about the advantages of flat wire, contact us directly.